E-Learning with EDU GUIDE / a scenario

Modern E-Learning at a European university. Over 300 students are instructed simultaneously by 3 trainers in the execution of a practical task on the model. The students are shown per video which work stages are to be carried out with which instruments, how preliminary results are to be evaluated individually, and, if necessary, how corrections can be carried out.

The trainers complement this introduction to work stages with the audiovisual broadcast of a work sample with the aid of their own cameras. Subsequently, they will show an operation taking place in the United States via a live connection. This will show the deployment of implantation operation technique practised by the students on models under "real conditions". Up to this point, student cameras, preset to the corresponding programme, document the work being carried out at each work station.

A trainer notes that one student in the group he is supervising requires his assistance. The student - working at „Triple Island 22“ - has furthermore already asked him for support from his workstation per „Talk Request Key“. At the same time, the trainer sees on his touch-screen monitor set in splitscreen mode, that a student working at „Work Island 16“ has achieved a very good work result. He praises her work per audio-connection and asks her to provide her classmate immediate assistance. Meanwhile, her work, together with other outstanding student work, is digitally archived in the new university library. And while this scenario has been playing out, something very valuable has arisen. A dream of the future? Reality! E-Learning with the EDU GUIDE System.